Wyoming Road Races Summer 2015

Aug 31, 2015 | Full time RVing, Healthy Lifestyle Events | 1 comment

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Why I love Running!GTR 2015

Running has become part of my exercise routine!! One of the reasons I love it is because I can do it anywhere. When I travel in my motorhome I scope out where I can run and it’s usually a pretty amazing backdrop!! I have run along lakes and oceans, through the woods and rolling hills! Having Wyoming as my homebase for six months I get to run in the mountains and alongside farms of wheat and barley!! The terrain is constantly changing and I never tire of my beautiful views of the Grand Tetons!!


I ran two races this summer that were amazing!! The first was the Tin Cup Challenge- a fund raiser for non profits. It was a 10K and it was in downtown Driggs. We ran out Bates Road that led to the Big Hole Mountains!! It was mid July and the day was overcast and cool- it was perfect running weather!! I did my best time. It’s motivating to be running with folks of all ages who are out there having fun and challenging themselves.

Tin Cup Challenge Tin Cup Challenge

My second run was the Grand Teton Relay. It was 176 miles and I was on a team of 12. I ran 3 legs of the race for a total of 15.2 miles. We ran the race in 31 hours and it was an awe inspiring experience!

The run began in the town of Ashton, Idaho which is located on the outskirts of the west entrance into Yellowstone National Park. We ran along side fields of shimmering grains with Yellowstone in the background. There was an amazing thunder and lightening show that motivated me on my second leg!!

The next segment went along the rails to trails path system and we hit this at night. It rained and so made for a muddy and cool run! Chris rode his bike with headlamp and blinky butt lights to guide our team. We all ran with reflective vests and lights- that was a first for me! We finished this segment at 1:00 in the morning. We were all able to rest briefly before beginning our last segment which started at the top of Grand Targhee in Alta, Wyoming.

It was pitch dark when we started the descent down the pass! It was 4:00am and still cool. We saw the sun rise over the Tetons as we made our way through Driggs, Idaho out Bates road alongside the Big Hole Mountains and finishing up in Victor, Idaho which was at the base of the Teton Pass the last segment of our race.

The race went up and over the Teton Pass- one of the steepest and most treacherous of passes in the US. This was done in the daylight and in the heat of the day! Our race then finished up at The Village in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

We had an amazing team. We had two young 19 year old jocks, a young mom who had just delivered her 6th baby 6 weeks prior, a young lady of 27 who flew in from sea level the night before and ran the elevations of 6500 and higher and the rest of team were us middle aged 40’s-50 somethings. We pulled each other through 31 hours of intense running on the most incredible terrain. We traveled and slept in tight quarters functioning on adrenaline, protein power shakes and camaraderie. We had a goal and we conquered!! It was and exhilarating and spiritual experience and I look forward to doing it again!