Minnie in Wyoming

We sold our house- again. The one we bought while on a motorhome trip. We bought in Alta, WY eight miles from Grand Targhee- some of the best skiing in the west!  A hidden gem for sure.  We bought our mountain home and enjoyed it thoroughly for 4 years.  We explored and played in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone and it was truly magical.

We were far away from our families and friends and Alta, WY is not an easy place to get too.  We were also finding that owning and maintaining a house was tying us down and preventing us from traveling in our motorhome.  So, we made a decision- a big decision!  We decided to sell and free ourselves again! AND we decided that we will go full time in our motorhome-Yikes!

The reality now of living in our motorhome full time for the foreseeable future is upon us. We have truly loved our Class C Minnie Winnie and she has provided us with fun, travel, security and enjoyment since we purchased her. But with that said we have determined that she is just a bit confining for full timing.

Our new home!

We have been looking to upgrade to a smaller Class A motorhome for about 2 years. Chris has insisted that we stay at not longer than 30 feet and have concentrated our search efforts with that in mind. We tend to favor state and federal campgrounds and want to be able to have more site opportunities with the smaller coach. Unfortunately it seems that all the models we have looked at in this category tend to be “entry” type low cost models that lack in any kind of enduring quality. We have been spoiled with our Minnie as it was very well built with quality and amenities and in fact the brochure states that is was built and designed by Winnebago to compete with the Class A market at the time. We could not seem to find a model that had all the characteristics and amenities that we felt we needed. And it seems the newer the model the less quality we were seeing. Oh for sure on the new ones you can get 4 tv’s in them if you want! But an ice maker or decent mattress or wardrobe large enough for clothes to get through a weekend? Forget it.

So after lots of spousal pressure Chris caved in and said maybe we could go a bit bigger. And it came to pass. Sure enough driving over the lake Champlain Bridge to the islands we saw a Winnebago Voyage with a for sale sign on it and decided to take a look. It is a 2008 with 41,000 miles on and clean as a whistle. The owners purchased it new with virtually all the options and it has been meticulously maintained. It is a 32 H and of course we all know the 32 has no correlation to actual length but it is only 2 feet 10 inches over the 30 foot self imposed limit. With a bit of negotiating we settled on a price and will take possession as soon as we get our real house sold. So with 32′ 10″ and a full wall slide on the drivers side and small bedroom slide on the curb side we will have 3 times the space we have now. We are very excited and looking forward to the new coach. And everyone in our campground is excited to see it as well.

It is bittersweet for us to part with our Minnie but we have put the for sale signs up and know it will become a great “home” for someone else. Lots of happy miles are still ready under the hood.