How we ended up in a Seasonal Campground!

Jul 8, 2016 | Full time RVing | 5 comments

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Departing Wyoming!

Departing Wyoming!

We made a big decision to sell our house in Wyoming!!  A mixed emotion decision indeed!!  We love our house and have put a labor of love into it.  We love the location and oh the view, the view, the view!!  But, it is just a house and we can find another house to turn into a home- or maybe not!!  Maybe our house will be our tiny home on wheels!!  Oh the options we have are plenty!!

Let me back up a bit.  We bought our mountain home in 2010 while we were traveling in our motorhome visiting the area!!  A spontaneous purchase!!  We were in the right place at the right time and Chris found this house in foreclosure.  It had sat empty for a year and the price was dropping like a rock so, we put in a low ball offer and the bank came back with a counter and offered to pay all the closing costs!!  They really wanted it off the books and we thought what are we getting ourselves into here!!  Well 4 years later we made it into a home and enjoyed the area we lived in to the fullest.

Owning a home again had it’s pro’s and con’s and the con list was beginning to outweigh the pro’s.  It was tying us down and so we weren’t traveling as much in our motorhome, it has upkeep and maintenance that added up to WORK, it is far away from our east coast families and friends, it is expensive to get here(and not easy) and the winters are too long. 

The market turned around here and one of the reasons we purchased this house was because it was a good investment.  If we wanted to sell and become liberated again now is the right time to sell.  We put it on the market mid February in the middle of winter and in the middle of a major house project- thinking it would take at least 6 months to sell.  AND our youngest daughter was getting married in May in North Carolina.  Ha Ha jokes on us it went under contract in 8 days- cash offer wanting to close in less then 30 days!!!

I was heading back east the end of February and staying through the Wedding- yikes!!  Chris stayed in Wyoming, finished the bathroom/laundry room project, put all our belongings we were keeping into the garage (we sold it furnished so we only had 1/2 a garage full of our personal belongings- LOL!), and he managed to ski in all his down time!!  He then flew back east the first of April to join me and we were going to celebrate our closing on his Birthday April 8th- Whew!!  All we had left to do was go back after the wedding and get our belongings in the garage and drive to a storage unit and we were free!!!

The view from my deck

The view from my deck

Well, here I am sitting on my deck in Wyoming on June 5th writing this and we still own our house!!  The wonderful trials and tribulations of real estate!!  We are here to get our belongings and we got the bonus of staying in our house and enjoying the area for a few more weeks.  I got to see the finished laundry/bathroom Chris completed and wow it is beautiful!!  We also were able to have a yard sale and sell the truck.  The most recent extension has us closing on June 15th but, it looks like that isn’t going to happen.  We are being patient- easier said then done!! and we have no doubt it will close eventually.

Meanwhile we had to figure out what we were going to do when we left the house way back in the winter with an April closing!  Well we already have a second home and that is our motorhome.  We decided we will live in it full time and then see how this next chapter unfolds.

Fortunately for us we had stored our motorhome in North Carolina for the winter knowing we would be returning for the Wedding in May.  Where were we going to go from there we had no idea!!  We had originally thought we would pick up the motorhome after the wedding and do a trip along the coast heading north and then make our way back to Wyoming by July.

Here’s what unfolded.  Chris and I had been visiting VT last fall and we drove along the shore of Lake Champlain close to where our daughter lives.  There were two campgrounds we came across and decided to check them out.  We pulled into Champlain Valley Campground which was all closed up. There was an old faded note on the door with a phone number so I called and inquired about renting a spot sometime during the summer.  He explained that he had seasonal spots from mid May to mid Oct or sights we could rent for a week or two but, he was in Florida and not coming up to VT until May so call him back and he’ll see what he has available.  I wrote this all down on a piece of scratch paper I found in my purse and then it got put into the bowels of my purse.  I did a google search on this place and found nothing!!  I thought who doesn’t have an online presence owning a campground?? 

After our house went under contract the piece of paper materialized and I called the number again, reminded him of our last conversation and said we would be interested in the season!!  Again he told me he wasn’t going to be there until May and he probably had a spot for us and oh yes he remembered talking to me.  Call when it’s closer to May.  I thought to myself what kind of business operation is this?  He seems pretty lackadaisical and what if we show up and he doesn’t have a spot for us? 

Well May finally arrived and we had a wedding!!  We were totally wrapped up in wedding festivities and I never called the campground.  As we were leaving Carolina Beach my phone rings and it’s Mark from the campground wondering when we were arriving!!  We arrived May 18th and parked ourselves in the most beautiful spot right on the shores of Lake Champlain.  We have an enormous site, full hook ups and wifi- this is all luxuries for us!!  We found a gem at this campground and I can’t wait to get back to it!! 

IMG_0391We never thought we would be “seasonal” RVers but this campground is small, well maintained and Mark runs a tight ship here which we love and appreciate!!  We have found that traveling in the summer months is getting busier and busier so staying put for the summer on beautiful Lake Champlain, close to our kids and grandkids and close to so much hiking, biking and funky Burlington is something we could do long term- well, long term for us is a season or 2 or 3 or 10!