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Have you ever dreamed of Hitting the Open Road??


The dream of living and traveling in an RV…

Chris had been dreaming and researching RV’s for years so, actually this was his dream for retirement. Anne decided to go along for the ride(pun intended!)

Well, the stars and moons aligned for us- Chris retired, Anne was working remotely, our house sold and we became empty nesters all at once!! After the initial shock and awe we asked ourselves the big question-


What are we going to do now?

We decided we didn’t have to do anything!! This was an amazing opportunity to begin a new chapter in our lives. We decided to begin our journey of traveling the U.S. and we would do it in our Truck! We managed to sell or give away most of our furniture, did a lot of healthy purging and put the rest of our “stuff” in storage and hit the road in our big red truck with kayaks, bikes and camping gear attached in various manners. Our goal was to visit family and friends for a year and then re-evaluate.

iphone pics VT and 2012 rv travel 626

It was suggested we go RV shopping for fun!!

We had already decided that we were going to buy a used motorhome for our first time buying. Chris had a particular class A in mind from all his research. We did have fun looking and interestingly enough we both kept going back to a particular class C motorhome. We had many a discussion- some very heated and in February of 2011 we bought our first coach, a mint condition, top of the line used 28 foot Winnebago Class C Minnie Winnie.

Now here we are in Salt Lake with our pick up truck and a 28 foot motorhome and no place to call home!! Anne wanted a homebase so we secured a rental in VT, we shipped our truck back east with all of our gear locked inside. We picked up our motorhome, parked it in my brother’s driveway for 3 nights all the while getting a lesson from him on how to use it.

We hit the road one morning in early March of 2011 for our 2500 mile journey back east being chased by a winter storm all the way and had the time of our lives!!

The best decision we made was deciding not to do anything!! When we started downsizing and packing the truck to live out of our friends and family thought we were nuts- well we are nuts so, we listened to our hearts, kept an open mind and hit the open road. The result was letting our dream unfold the way it was meant to and we have gained amazing life experiences!