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Our Health & Wellness Foundation

Creating healthy habits when it comes to health and well being can be challenging.  Healthy habits while traveling usually get thrown out the window.  We wanted to take our healthy habits with us and this is how we did it.

Whole Foods!

Like anything you build or create in life you need a strong foundation.  Whether you are building a house, a career, a family or a healthy habit- a strong foundation is the building block to a successful outcome.

I have been a health care provider and foodie my entire adult life so when it comes to nurturing my health and nutrition I have an amazing foundation that I continue to grow and build on.  I am continually educating myself by taking courses, practicing (and experimenting) with what I preach and I am a voracious reader- health and nutrition is something I am passionate about.  Whole foods is my prescription for good health.

We all know that eating well and exercising is the basic premise to building and maintaining a healthy body.  A simple concept that can be challenging to carry out these days because there is so much controversial information about food and nutrition in the media that it can blow your mind.  There are also diet and exercise programs coming at you everywhere you look- yikes!  I waded through and found a simple and easy system that I incorporate into my routine.

Keeping it simple and easy is important to me.  I believe in the theory of “everything in moderation”.  I like variety and trying new things.  I also believe that 80% nutrition and 20% exercise are the magic numbers for creating balance.

What is this healthy food system?  And how does it fit into our lifestyle?  Well it’s eating the right foods, exercise and supplements- it’s a winning combo.  We are following a high fat(good fats) low sugar & carbs diet.  We base it on the book “Eat Fat, Get Thin” by Dr Mark Hyman.  I bought the book from Amazon and what he wrote and explained about foods is what I’ve been practicing for years.(I have no affiliate link with Amazon- though I should cuz as a full timer I spend $$ on Amazon).  We eat proteins with good fats, we eat a ton of vegetables, we eat fruit, we eat full on fat organic dairy, we eat fruits, we use almond & coconut flour, we eat raw nuts and nut butters- sooo yummy!!  What we are not eating is refined sugars or flours!  We have embarked on an amazing gastric journey here and it’s been so much fun cooking.  We both love to cook and we have been creating some amazing meals- see some of our recipes here.  We love protein shakes and create some great ones that are easy and convenient to mix up in our motorhome!

We also take some supplements.  We take  a combo of vitamins, minerals, adaptogens and are big into telomere support.  If you would like to know more about these supplements check this out.  We do have an affiliate with the supplements program- why not buy from our own store right?  We do make a commission off of any sales of these products.  If you are interested in learning more we are happy to chat with you  AND we appreciate your business.  Contact us!

We both love to cook and so we are always food shopping, finding funky health food stores, farmers markets. seafood stands and local fare and then bringing all of our fresh finds back home(be it our North Carolina home or our motorhome) and put it all together to create some amazing meals and who doesn’t like supporting the locals?   Add a great bottle of wine and in my eyes you have a well balanced meal- yes wine and vodka are part of our “diet”.  For all the beer drinkers- yes it’s high in carbs and sugar but everything in moderation my friends!

Lower Spring Canyon- Capitol Reef National Park

Both Chris and I are active and so our “exercise” is deciding what activity we will do today!  I like to run so 4-5 times a week I head out for a 5-7 mile run.  We both like to hike so we may choose to hike for the day or do a bike ride.  In the winter we both ski- downhill and cross country and snow shoe.  We are not gym or fitness center types but if we are in a place long enough we will get some day passes for classes.  We both have our at home routines that include stretching, weights and our magic ball.  The best part of our exercise regime is we can do it anywhere!!  Which fits in perfectly with our RV traveling lifestyle.

I also believe in Body, Mind, Spirit connection- this is where Chris rolls his eyes and claims I’m going off on my whoo whoo stuff!  Again, it is all about balance and when you have your body, mind and soul in alignment you can’t go wrong in any area of your life!!  I enjoy meditation and yoga which I can also incorporate into my RV traveling lifestyle.

Do you have strong foundations and healthy habits in your life?