Biking Teton National Park

Apr 6, 2015 | Full time RVing, Healthy Lifestyle Events |

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The Amazing Tetons!!

We had such an amazing bike ride in Yellowstone National Park that we decided to bike into Teton National Park the next week.  Every year in the spring they close the roads in these two parks to motor vehicles and open them up to bikers, bladers and pedestrians as.  What a thrill it is to be in these National Parks virtually all alone with no vehicles to enjoy all the sights, sounds and peacefulness that these glorious places have to offer before the onslaught of all the tourists!

We started our bike ride at the Taggart Lake trail head at the south end of the park arriving from the South entrance in Moose, WY.  We rode north in the beautiful sunshine and relatively warm temperatures 15 miles to the Signal Mountain Lodge which sits on the eastern shores of Jackson Lake just south of the dam.  The lodge to our surprise was open “for restroom use only”.   We walked into the lodge and found that the door to the outside deck was also open.  What a stunning destination!!  We sat by ourselves out on the deck of the lodge with a stunning view of Mt Moran right in our faces with beer in hand!!  How good is that?  Of course the lake was still frozen solid but summer evidence was visible in the form of all the boat buoys seemingly floating on top of the ice pack.

We rode through a loop that took us along the east side of Jenny Lake which seemed like feet away from the Grand Tetons.  We were amazed at the amount of snow that was in the park sometimes as high our waists on the sides of the road.  There was no snow in the Teton Valley or in Jackson so when we pulled into Taggart Lake and saw three feet of snow we were shocked.  The roads had all been snow blown and were dry so that made for a smooth ride.  Hills were minimal so mileage was not an issue.  Unfortunately on this trip we did not spot any wildlife.  While this was a bit disappointing the awesome scenery of the Grand Tetons close enough to touch more than made up for it.